Privacy Policy

The unavoidable legal fuss

Data protection:
This is a static website. It is, by its nature, privacy-focused. In general, I cannot draw any conclusions about your identity based on your use of the website. If you send me an email with feedback, it may of course look different. The mail and your email address will then also be saved by me so that I can come back to it if necessary.

Server Data:
Our provider Strato AG creates so-called log files. For example, your IP is stored there when you visit my website. But also things like the name and version of your operating system, the time of the visit and a few more things. Strato keeps this data for 7 days. Strato uses this data, among other things, to provide me with statistics, e.g. how often the page was accessed per day. With each of these providers, I only see your IP anonymously, if at all. If you have further questions, it is best to contact Strato directly.

Cookie Policy:
This site uses only necessary / essential cookies. Without these cookies, the services that you have asked for cannot be provided, and the site only use these cookies to provide you with those services. These cookies identify if users have accepted the use of cookies on the website. Oh, the irony.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, you can contact me at:

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