Improving game studio hiring processes: An applicant's perspective

In this short post I would like to share my thoughts on the application processes for developers. What made a good impression on me and what influenced my decisions? Read on if you want to know.

If you post a job offer: Give me at least the choice to send in a cover letter.
I want to tell you why I want to work at your company and your projects. How else would you recognize an enthusiastic applicant?

Don’t do coding tests if they are not really necessary.
They really put you off the list for many experienced developers. If you think you must do them, then go for something that reflects the daily problems that the developer is going to solve and combine it with a mockup of your project management workflow. Then a coding test might be a win-win situation for you and the candidate.

But bear in mind, that most people simply do not have the time for them and will look for something else. A technical discussion directly on the project is much more valuable, serves the same purpose and includes those good developers who simply suffer from test anxiety.

React as fast and possible.
Are you looking for a feature that will distinguish you as a good employer early on? If you need a week to answer personally to an application, you’ll lose potential talents because other companies are faster. The whole process from receiving an application to making a decision should not take longer than two to four weeks. This speaks to the candidates and gives an impression of a fast moving, well organized company.

Your benefits must suit the applicants,
otherwise they will take good note of them, but nothing more. Remote work is great, but it doesn't suit applicants who prefer to sit in the office with other colleagues. Free food is great, but it doesn't always suit the applicant's taste. Vouchers are great, but most of the time you score with a better salary.
If applicants are shortlisted, ask them what they want. Maybe you can make them happy very easily.

Keep an eye on websites like Glassdoor and Kununu,
because your applicants will take a very close look at the reviews. If your business isn't already listed there, ask your employees if they would like to leave a rating. And don't be angry if the reviews don't live up to your expectations. Use them to improve the company. The ratings will follow.

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